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Thread: 6 and 7 Yr. old MMA?

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    Default 6 and 7 Yr. old MMA?

    Youngest MMA fight ever, 6 vs 7 year old: Ike Taschan - Minas Awagyan - YouTube

    This could cause some controversy. What do you guys think?

    On one hand, this might seem like child abuse and these kids will have no future but on the other hand they are teaching these kids how to fight in an equal and fair setting in a time when people would rather just pull guns on each other.

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    I think all in all it's okay to teach kids this age a contact sport. The risk of injury here is probably less than football because they are trained and more disciplined. I certainly hope the rules are a little more strict as far as head strikes go. There is definite potential for lethal consequences.
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    Yea. No doubt that's its just as dangerous as football but it teaches these kids discipline and self control. To some it may be a future. I've never been injured in football or mma in 14 years. I'm all for it!

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    I don't have a problem with kids participating but not with punching to the head. Big gloves, head gear if they punch. Otherwise it should be ground fighting which this one turned out to be. My son and daughter both have trained in karate, judo, and jujitsu and haven't had any injuries but some sore elbows when they learned some of the moves such as arm bars. I just told them to tap sooner. They've never taken a shot to the head. All their competitions were take downs and ground fighting judo. At that age it makes no sense to allow them to fight with the gloves those kids had on and no head gear.

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    Sure kids need good protection gear and all to train full contact.
    I dont see anything wrong with kids training, my own son started boxing when he was 5 at the club I was coaching at.
    He trained 3 days a week for 2 hours on the advanced team, everyone took good care of him but he worked his ass off doing 100`s of pushups and situps. He is naturally gifted like me and loved it from day 1, when he was 6 I allowed him to train with some of the pros as well, that got the medias attention and he was interviewed along with his idol Mikkel Kessler on national tv. He is probably the biggest talent in scandinavia and just turned 12. Here is a pic of him and Kessler in front of all the journalists.
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    Default 6 and 7 Yr old MMA

    In Australia it is mostly because the thai guys just dont want to make the transition. They want to be strikers.

    That culture is slowly changing but I think by the time it does and we get the recognisable thai guys fighting. MMa will be so big that the guys who want to do MMA will have started and finished as MMAers.

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    This would be a good thing if there's an imposition of strict guidance and supervision. The training would, of course, teach them discipline and self-control, utilizing strength to fend off for themselves just like other kinds of martial arts.

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    I've seen kids doing boxing at a very young age. I don't think this would be as bloody as it is with the adults.

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