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Thread: Puffy nipples and have never done a cycle how to get rid (not gyno)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chancy View Post
    Im curious what you mean by puffy? Did you ever have any other symptoms along the way? Was a real diagnosis ever made or is it simply a body feature that you don't desire and want to have adjusted (which is fine)? Were you overweight during your teen years? Im just curious to know is all. Keep us updated please and good luck to you.
    Puffy i mean as in they stick out like i have gyno but there is no lump under them and a doctor has already felt and had a look for me and said its a possible effect from puberty, and said it would go away by itself in my 20s but here i am 22 and stil not a slight change, it is simply a body feature i do not like is why i want them gone, and no i have never been overweight

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    Post Op or Pre Op LMFAO

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