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Thread: anavar, and winny

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    Default anavar, and winny

    I have purchased winstrol, test e, deca, anavar, clomid, and hcg and want to know what would be the ideal cycle with all of these. a gym friend suggested me to use winny 50 mg ed for weeks 8-14, deca 600 mg per week and test 750 mg per week for weeks 1-12, and anavar 40 mg ed for weeks 13-19 How and where do i fit the hcg and clomid???

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    you got too much stuff
    stick to a basic test cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    you got too much stuff
    stick to a basic test cycle
    Agree...test and finish up with anavar. Nice simple cycle

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    Yup your boy took you for a cash ride.....If you were on say your 2nd or third cycle I would run what he gave you, all of it.

    1-16 test E 500mg week split into 2 shots.
    10-16 anavar 80mg ed, I like to split mine AM\PM
    1-22 arimidex .5mg e3d
    18-22 nolvadex 20mg ed for 2 weeks 10mg ed for 3 weeks.
    HCG if you want it but its not required. start on week 18, 500iu every day for 10 days.

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