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Thread: Anavar with Masteron

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    Default Anavar with Masteron

    Good day ladies,

    I have done my first anavar cycle and it was the tits! My endurance was through the roof, my strength went up and I felt like I could keep going at the gym. I liked how overall my body was looking and feeling. It was looking more defined and hard! I started really slow for a week at about 5 mg a day (should also note that after the second dose I felt it at the gym immediately) then moved up every week after that. I stayed at 15 mg a day until i finished the cycle. Awesome stuff and I am planning on going on it again in a couple weeks. I gained about 5 pounds. Im happy with that I mean it was my first time going on it and wasn't sure. Now I am planning on going back on the anavar but stacking with Masteron....? I have read a little about Mast but dont know if its good to stack with Anavar? This time around Im looking to gain at least 15 pounds...20 would be awesome! Any one that could help?


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    i only use masteron to harden up as i diet down for contest. i think that if you are trying to bulk there are other options. i would suggest 50mg of test prop/week 25mg 2x, along with EQ, 75mg 2x/week. this is, imo, conservative but nice cycle. i think that you are reaching too far, if you think that you will gain 15-20, as you may gain this, but not good, quality muscle. keep your goals attainable and make sure your diet is good & strong to cover the needed protein needed. read up what i suggest and let me know what you think!!


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    Ok thank you very much!!

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