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Thread: How long between cycles when on TRT?

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    Default How long between cycles when on TRT?

    How long is a safe amount of time between cycles when maintaining TRT? I was thinking about doing a Test/EQ or Deca cycle for winter then go to a Test/TrenE cycle my next run for spring/summer.

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    Rule of thumb: Time off = time on + PCT

    Your best bet, being on TRT, is to get blood work done before you decide to cycle again.

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    Bush is right blood work is a good way to tell, but keep in mind you have to have tests done prior to your 'blast' to see what the lipids/levels look like so you have something to compare it too when your cruising again. I'm sure your endo has your tests on record pre trt. And whilst on trt. Some older gents like Florida will be better answering this but 2 blasts a year may not be out of the question..
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    As the guys above have said, blood work......

    You can go a couple routes when it comes to safely running "cycles" within your TRT. First you have to consider your compounds, their ester length and toxicity on you system (primarily orals). Once you have chosen your compounds you can determine how long to run them. I would follow the standard rule of running cycles. That would pretty much be two long cycles or 3 short cycles. You really need to watch lipids, liver enzymes and RBC when you run TRT and especially when you add in a few blasts. This is where regular blood work comes in.

    I just had blood work done after being on TRT and a few cycles for almost three years straight. I took a six week break, ran a short pct using letro, clomid and nolva. I got my results today and my natural test levels are the same as they were more than three years ago. Everything else is within normal range so all in all my health has not been compromised. Even my PSA came back very low, which at my age is awesome news and a must for running TRT. I'm waiting to see the endo before I go back on but it will be soon.
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    Thanks guys... i was thinking of doing a Test C(350 aweek)/EQ(700 aweek) for 20weeks. drop down to my TRT of 125 aweek for 8 weeks and then go on a cycle of
    Test C 350 / TrenE 400 for 12-15 weeks

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