Hey, this may see a little retarded... But I'm having a hard time measuring the calories of rice I'm eating.

The rice I have says there's 150 calories in a 1/4 cup dry. So I use 1 cup of rice. So that's 600 calories dry. How many calories is that cooked ?

But online it says that a cup( 195 grams, 6.878 oz) of cooked, long grain brown rice is about 216 calories. So I measure that out... And it just doesn't seem right.

Basically. How should I measure the calories in my brown rice. Any easy tips ?

I've recently switched to a gluten free diet. And I've been working hard on my 6 pack... I usually ate whole grain pasta and I could measure the calories easily and I was noticing success. But since I started the rice, I've noticed my stomach is starting to slack again.