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Thread: Mashed Sweet Potato

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    Question Mashed Sweet Potato

    Recently switched to a gluten free diet... And trying to determine the amount of calories I'm eating has become a bigger pain in the ass than I thought.

    I skin the sweet potato, cut it up.. Boil it for 20 mins, drain it. Then mash it up and eat it.

    About how many calories are there in 1 cup of mashed sweet potato..

    I've been trying to find this out online now for the last 45 minutes and I'm getting everything from 125 calories to 264...



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    100g is 90cals,cooked. and last, buy food scales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zi1 View Post
    100g is 90cals,cooked. and last, buy food scales.
    Thanks mang.. and I did

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    5.5 oz is also about one cup or 118 calories

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