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Thread: 2nd opinion on diet (or as many opinions as i can get)

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    Default 2nd opinion on diet (or as many opinions as i can get)

    Hey guys, I had a friend of mine assist me in designing this diet, he is a retired competitive body builder and I hate to second guess his advice but I figured as many opinions as possible is a good thing...

    I'm 5'10"
    202 lbs (as of this morning)
    no idea of BF%, (higher than I should be right now, I know that much)

    He's got me on 35-55-10 split (protien-carbs-fat)

    here's a typical day, there will be a few variations like, fish instead of chicken for certain meals.... but this will be the basis of the diet.

    meal 1

    1/2 cup egg whites
    4 pieces turkey bacon
    2 pieces rye toast

    meal 2

    large handfull of berries
    muscle milk light (I know you guys don't like shakes, but I really like the taste, it helps control cravings for me and counts for very little)

    meal 3

    150g steak, chicken or fish
    1 cup basmati rice (cooked)

    meal 4

    150g steak, chicken or fish
    1 cup basmati rice

    meal 5

    150g steak, chicken or fish
    BBQ'd veggies (peppers, onions etc) drizzled in olive oil and salt and pepper

    meal 6 (optional)

    handful of almonds or small bowl of veggy sticks

    I have this calculated at around....

    Calories – 2980 (not including berries at breakfast and vegetables for dinner)
    Protein – 211g (34.4%)
    Carbs – 337g (55%)
    Fat – 64.5g (10.5%)

    My concerns are:

    1 - 3000 calories seems like a lot to be leaning out

    2 - 35% protien vs. 55% seems off to me to be leaning out. His point was that without this split you won't look full, vascular or be able to get any good pumps if you drop your carbs.

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks a lot.

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    i believe that you would do better with a 40-40-20 split! from what it sounds like, you are not vascular now, so who cares about that, your idea is to lose weight right now, and keep the muscle you do have.
    like the 3000cal
    my opinion

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    Ok so if I moved from 35-55-10 to 40-40-20 what foods wud u change?

    Like I said, my advice came from a guy who knows his sh!t, it just seemed like a ton of food. I've been using this for 3 days now, I've been sick but sticking to diet, training has been pretty weak but I've done what I can. I weighed 202.5 this am, prior to this diet I was using way less starchy carbs and more high fibre carbs and would drop about 1/2 pound to a pound a day.

    From the meals and food I've posted what wud u change?

    Thx again

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    If I simply back some carbs down that will do it but changes caloric intake.

    If I'm 200 lbs and hard with abs I'm happy, I'm not looking to be skinny.


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    for meals i would suggest having 3-4 meals with snacks in between.

    get rid of the rye for breakfast and replace with1/2c oatmeal

    meal 2 should be a snack. i would have a fruit and 1/2c greek yogurt or 1/2c cottage cheese with 25 almonds or cashews

    meal 3 should be 1-2c carb, 1-200g meat and unlimited veggies

    meal 4 snack. same as meal 2 less the nuts

    meal 5 same as meal 3

    meal 6 snack same as meal 4.

    depending on bed time for you have another snack. lean ground beef with veg (best option) or greek yogurt with a piece of fruit.

    i have followed this to a T and not only have i lost alot of weight but my recovery time has increased quite a bit

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    Just out of curiosity, why get rid of rye toast and go with oatmeal?

    Just asking, by no means questioning ur advice.

    Oatmeal and I don't really get along that well, that's why I threw in rye toast.

    I do work in almonds for a snack here and there...

    Thx for the advice...

    One more question actually... Do weigh your food before its cooked or after?

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