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Thread: TRT and Tren

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    Default TRT and Tren


My stats:
11% bf
about to start my fourth cycle

I am planning to use test c 200 mg (one injection) a month under doctor's advice. i had low testosterone levels. i am not sure if this dose is actually a substantial dose to help me with low testosterone?

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    this will help you plenty, you'll actually get good results

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    I disagree ,i think that monthly injections will give you unstable serum levels.every 2weeks,yes.

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    I have to agree with zi1 on this, I would run 100 mg every 7-10 days myself. Get some bloods done after 10 weeks and see where your at. Adjust dose from there.

    Your doctor is obviously not educated in HRT\TRT. I would ask him about serum levels, and the half life of the drug prescribed.
    It will shut the rest of you down, so you have to replace ALL OF IT, not just half.

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