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Thread: cutting cycle confusion

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    Default cutting cycle confusion

    i am planning to run my first ever cutting cycle, did a bulking one two and a half years ago.

    what would be ideal for a 26 years old male, 5'7", 220lbs: anavar or tbol? it seems to me that anavr is a bit on the costly side though easily available. is tbol in the same league as anavar for a cutting cycle?

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    imo anavar is better than tbol

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    Var will give you a more hardened appearance than tbol bro, although wer' all different and a lot of guys respond in different ways to certain compounds. I usually stay roughly the same on the t-bol whereas var will give you a more chiselled appearance. However you need to have your diet spot on and your lifestyle in check to get that ripped up look

    as with any oral try to run some protection on cycle and there is none better imo than the N2guard..
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    Cutting is about diet.

    Steroids will help you keep muscle whilst running a calorie deficient diet.

    Many body builders are running more to cut that they are on cycle to build.

    I however think you can achieve cutting goals without gear if this is only your second cycle.
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    Like timoid said.
    Post your diet in the food section And we can tweak it accordingly.
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