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Thread: Puffy nipples with dbol

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    Default Puffy nipples with dbol

    I am into week 2 of dbol and test c cycle wherein i am using dbol 30 mg weekly or first four weeks and test c 500mg weekly for 16 weeks, starting from week 1. but i have started to experience puffy leaky nipples though no pain and lump.

    Should i try an aromatase inhibitor? if yes, in what dose and for what time?

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    leaky nips? sounds like prolactin gyno, go w/ letro and dost

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    You should be using an AI already and you will need it throughout your cycle and through PCT.

    Sort something out ASAP. Arimidex or Aromasin.

    As for the nipple leakage that does indeed sound prolactin gyno. Tealc is on the money for compounds to help you but I believe it's your high estrogen causing the issue.

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    excessive estrogen CAN cause fluid to be expelled from the nipple. and id say Dbol could cause this. but you say there is no lump? is it sensitive to touch? but the most likely thing sounds like a prolactin issue but ive seen fluid jsut from test converting to E
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    You should have a variety of Ai's on hand bro all of which I think have been mentioned ^^^.
    I agree with the other guys have said as well ^^^

    Id always advise that you gets blood work as this can clarify things a lot, should this stuff happen etc, if you can get them checked I would asap and then go from there bro..
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