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Thread: equipoise and NPP

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    Default equipoise and NPP

    Hey all,

    I am not usually not into forums asking for advice but this time i have decided to benefit from the advice of experts at your forum after reading a lot. really appreciate the advice offered by you guys. i want to start a cycle of NPP and equipoise and want to know if this is the best thing to gain body strength and muscle definition.

    What should be the ideal doses of the two and for how long they are best used? what are the possible side effects and how to avoid?

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    EQ and test maybe, but why EQ and NPP

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    test and then add one or the other my friend, if this is your 1st cycle then just test and maybe an oral kicker stacked in, is best.

    Can I ask your stats, age, cycle history, lifting experience etc and we will plan a proper cycle for you
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