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Thread: test prop and anavar cycle

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    Default test prop and anavar cycle

    i am thinking of running a cycle that will be my second after i did test e 500 weekly for 8 weeks and proviron 50mg ed. the second one will be like:

    1-8 test testosterone propionate 100 eod
    3-8 Anavar - oxandrolone - 60 ED
    3-8 proviron 50 ED
    3-8 HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - 250 eod
    9-12 arimidex .25/.25/.25/.25
    9-12 nolva 40/40/20/20
    9-12 clomid100/50/50/50

    my stats: age: 29 yrs, height: 6-0", weight: 240 lbs.

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    thats a strange cycle, why only 8 weeks? at least run 10 weeks of prop

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    HCG is normally used for PCT. Odd running that. Proviron is an anti-estrogren. Prop and Var don't really aromatizing.

    I do not like this cycle. There should not be a space between running var and prop. HCG and Clomid would work for PCT. Arim and Nolva might be unnecessary, but I am old school.

    EOD prop is okay. Var should be run continuous with the prop. What is your goal? Cutting, strength? You won't get big on Var.

    If you can, Mast prop would work well with this. I am a huge proponent of Masteron if you can get it. I'd do this.

    Test/Mast prop EOD wks 1 - 12
    Front Var - 60 ED for first three weeks
    Back Var - 60 ED for last three weeks

    HCG 2500 IUs EOD for two weeks, starting after last pinning
    Clomid for four weeks 100/50/50/25 ED day after last HCG pinning.

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