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Thread: Need Help! Deeca and Sus. Big Dose Questions

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    I have shoulder problems. i slight SLAP tear in my left shoulder that they don’t want to put the knife to due to how small it is. My right shoulder has arthritis and tendentious, probably from over compensating

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    dont know why but I suspected it was something like that, Im in a similar situation except I dont know how big the tear is.
    you got a scan?, doc will rather open me than get me scanned for some reason, so gonna get a second oppinion asap.
    I have been considering a similar cycle and just go for high reps and work very slow, but the guys here advice me not to and I fully understand since I would say the same if someone asked me, only problem is that I go nuts from being out of the gym.
    If you got a scan and they are rightt that its a minor tear then you might wanna consider hgh, igf or ghrp/mod rgf to speed up the process.
    Have you tried taking a month off and test your shoulder with a light session to see if it improved? you gotta watch that right shoulder of yours. Im running ghrp/mod rgf and my injury improved quite a bit, I got full movement now compaired to not being able to get my hand above my head the first couple of weeks.
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    The docs I spoke to said I still have most of my range of movement and couldn't say it’d be any better after surgery. I have taken up to 8 weeks off plus a month of only lower body after the layoff. I ease back in it but the pain comes back quick. I can tolerate it, I just have to modify my shoulders and chest workouts. I have to stay light and quite when I know I’m about to over train it. I know when to back off and let it rest. Thanks for the advice. I do alot of rehab exercises so they are strong as is my rotator cuff. Thanks for the feedback and advice.

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    At my age (58) I have had to modify every thing I do in the weight room.
    If I bench over 455 my left shoulder hurts, so I just rep with 455. I'm still getting decent results strength wise in that I am repping it for higher reps than ever before. As far as growth, medium weights with higher reps seems to work better anyway. So all that said, I think you should be fine, just listen to your body and don't try to prove anything in the weight room. Just be yourself.
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