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Thread: is it ok to add eq to my cycle

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    Default is it ok to add eq to my cycle

    I am running a test e 600, deca 400 a week in two pins mon and Thursday , I kicked it off with 4 weeks of dbol far all is good 10 weeks in and gained 20 lbs but a lbit of of bloat and a loss of appetite. Would it be ok to add eq to cycle I have the 250 on hand . Was thinking at adding 500 per week ?? ai are adex .25 eod and caber .25 twice a week thanks JB

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    To see full results from Eq IMO I wouldnt take it any less then 14weeks @ 600mg

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    Also To That Thought Test , Deca , Eq Is the 1 2 3 knockout when talking about bulking. That and of coarse FOOD!

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    That is the plan, have not gained any lbs in the last week. I eat 5 times a day. I get full and have to force the food. I've heard eq ups the appetite. Had plans of running a no shorter than a 20 - 25 week cycle. Should I stop deca week 20 and just the eq and test the last 5

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    I would run ghrp for appetite ,I just had to run naked from from shower to eat because hypo symptoms where super high

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    Should I change my ai s ?? Not to sound dumb but what is hypo

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    yup ghrp-6 over EQ for apatite, but EQ will make you vascular over time as your RBC comes up.

    Its also a little easier to breath, and harder on the cardiovascular system due to pressure.

    I am running it at 600mg week right now, its not too bad, im 6 weeks in.

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