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Thread: Ghrp-6

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    Default Ghrp-6

    Hi peeps just want a bit of info on this. I understand its not as good as gh but would it be worth running with my next cycle to aid fat loss? What would the doses be? And for how long would I run it? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    Yes it's good idea.shots will be made am,post workout,before bed. Ghrp-6 dosages to grow 400-600mcg a day,fat loss 100mcg 3x a day.
    If you want to make it strong as couple hgh iu,then mix it with mod grf1-29. Lenght of ghrp is the same as takes time

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    So a 200mg kit should do the trick then? I take it I mix it with bac water the same as gh?

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    Thanks for your help zi1. But let me get this right. Is that 600mcg 3x a day?

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    Yes mix with ba,no 600 it's a total,so 200mcf x3

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    Got it thanks.

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