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Thread: tren help

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    i am planning to run a bulking cycle and thinking abt using trenbolone. but i have used that it is both a cutting as well as a bulking drug. so that does mean that i will get mixed and confusing results? i have a good diet and consume abt 4.5k calories and protein rich foods.

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    add test to your cycle IMO

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    Tren is both a bulking and cutting drug. It is the only steroid I've ever used that builds lean muscle while simultaneously burning bf at the same time despite ones diet. The better the diet the better the cutting effects but it will burn fat even on a calorie surplus. People will dispute this until they are blue in the face but I have seen it do it to me, to several of my close friends and countless others that I have conversed with on the net have experienced the same thing. So for the overwhelming masses that have used it this is the case. There may be a few unfortunate few who don't respond like this but they are the vast minority and sadly are extremely unlucky. This is the only steroid that I'm convinced will absolutely burn fat while adding muscle. If there ever was a magic potion tren is it and nothing else compares in that aspect. Other steroids can mimic some of trens properties but none can duplicate all of them. It is a one and only. I also agree that test should be ran but at a very low dose to minimize sides. 250 mg or less is plenty and I suggest n2guard to maintain health.

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    Well said Joe... Yes tren is special

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    Test has a Anabolic/Androgenic ratio of 100/100
    Tren has a Anabolic/Androgenic ratio of 500/500

    So you can see how powerful this stuff is. Joe is right always include Test in any cycle as a base

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