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Thread: PCT help

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    I am about to end my cycle of testosterone enanthate. I am in week eighth of a ten week cycle where i am using 1g test e every week. my question is do i need to run pct? what if I dont?

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    ok first of you said 1g of test e a week. once steroid is broken down into injectable form you are no longer doing in grams, so im gonna assume you meant 1ml/ week and if you have your basic 250mg/ml, this is a low dosage, ok for a beginner. and if you do not take pct's your natural testosterone production can shut down once your off the cycle and you male part will not get hard until your test levels comes back. this does not always happen especially at that low of a dosage assuming your only taking 250mg/week but i am not by any means saying do not take the pct's cause you most definitely should. and 2.5g of test e powder makes one 10ml vial at 250mg/ml which equals 2500mg's total. so if you were taking as you said 1g/week dividing that in half would mean you were taking around 5ml/week which would be 1250mg/week and that is a very high dose of test e and in my opinion unnecessary even though its not unheard of its just not necessary.
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