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Thread: best cycle from these roids

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    Default best cycle from these roids

    I am abt to purchase some roids and looking for the best cycle with clenbuterol, primobolan, masteron e, parabolan, and stanazolol. how can i use them?
    What are the tips?? side effects?

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    you're buying way too much, primo or winstrol alone is enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    you're buying way too much, primo or winstrol alone is enough
    This^^^. Not to mention if you run all the dhts together your gonna be bald lol. One cutting aas is plenty with a little test. No need to run everyone in existence. I suggest adding n2slin to any cutting cycle to maximize nutrient usage.

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    Test with a little winny or primo would be a great cutter. No reason to stack them all and kill your hairline. Masteron is really utilized best when ran at low bodyfat % but is great for hardening. Like joe said, I'd also add N2Slin prior to meals

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    Use a hairline protecter like N2shampoo and stack in some rogaine if you like bro
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