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Thread: second cycle options

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    Default second cycle options

    I am keen to start my second cycle and my aim is to lose around 2 to 3 percent. would you recommend this cycle:

    1- 8 Forma Stanzol
    4 - 12 trenbolone .75ML EOD
    4 - 12 T-3
    8 - 12 HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - 500iu 2x W
    8 - 12 Albuterol

    for pct:

    1 - 4 HCGenerate 5 caps ED
    1 - 4 Bridge
    4 - 8 Clomid 50/25/25/25

    what do you guys say??

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    good cycle but add nolvadex for PCT

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    Steroids dont help you loose weight, they help you gain weight.

    They will help you hold lean mass while dieting. If your doing it right.

    Im going to be honest here, and its a little harsh. I apologize in advance.

    this cycle is crap in my opinion.

    You think that Forma Stanzol is a good front load? its an OTC product that was pulled because of its anabolic properties, do you think its going to control your issues from tren, think again.

    How much research have you done?
    The layout has some good thoughts in it for sure, lets take a good look here.

    The tren is going to shut you down.
    Clomid is going to block your estrogen receptor but it does not change the fact that your estrogen will be OFF THE CHART.
    T-3 is going to speed you up, at the risk of messing with your pituitary. Dont play with this unless you have to.
    Albuterol welp, there is some good research on it, and we have an article here with the comparison to another drug. I have never used it so I have to opt out....

    Lets try this:
    1-14 prop 50mg eod
    4-12 100mg tren a eod

    If your going to shut down, and rip it up, the prop was added to keep your test up. The tren will push you into the stratosphere.
    this is about 600mg week.

    I would never run tren the way you have it laid out. And let me tell you, tren is a very harsh beast, you better be able to control yourself. Its the most anabolic test out there. I cant stress enough how much this will change your body, make you an angry walking time bomb.
    Prepare yourself.....

    I would run arimidex to control your estrogen instead. .5mg eod.
    Better to control the problem with the enzime than to deal with the estrogen itself. IMO.

    I did not mean to come across as a dick head, but this just does not seem right to me. But hey...what do I know.....

    What is 1-4 bridge by the way?
    I also dont know what HCGenerate is, did not look it up. Was lazy.

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