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Thread: First contest prep (light weight u70) need physique critics and diet advice

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    Default First contest prep (light weight u70) need physique critics and diet advice

    I'm 19 entering my first contest in sept never been this lean in my life but need help on my diet and possibly training. I'm not cycling anything, not really bothered about gear but will take some if advised (feel i dont need anything as of yet). No leg shot i apologize i'll get one soon though.
    Weak areas -back thickness(width) -delts and tris and lower abs (separation as well as obliques), more criticism would be appreciated.

    Oh and its worth mentioning I'm competing in a light weight class u70.

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    You are lean for sure, there is some promise there if you start eating better.

    I would say you could put on 8 pounds of solid muscle a year for the next 5 years. Thats 40 pounds more on your frame.
    I would not touch steroids of any kind for 5 more years either, but that does not mean stop researching and staying in the game.

    Post up your height and weight for me as well as your diet and I will take a quick peak.

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    I really think the lighting is too flattering i was practicing posing after my workout and looked well shit and well, i'm basically depressed now coz I look so much better in pictures. I haven't weighed my self but I think I am bordering 70-71 kilos. I'm roughly 5ft9ish. My diet isnt a set in stone but I have been tracking my macro nutrient intake. Roughly averaging 2100kcals about 180+ protein (i see this as an unlimited macronutriet) 120-100g of carbs and 50ishgrams of carbs.

    The reason for the fluctuation of macro nutrients is soley because i keep getting contradictory advice from everyone, I have alot of mates who have competed and done well but they all give me different advice. This one guy told me today that I should fill out more increase calories to 2800 and carbs to 200-240ish. I know i'll fill out my weak points but worked like mad and dieted like crazy to get where i am now in just under 2 months from being quite fat, I want to stay as lean as possible!

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    might help mentioning that i have been tracking everything i eat on a phone application called 'myfitness pal' It's the flipping best I advice anyone seriously dieting to get it! its free

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    myfitness pal is a good program for starters. diet is the key ingredient for you. as for weak areas when you start your workout ALWAYS work the weak areas first and then do strong last. this will help development of those areas come about faster.
    stay away from protein powder, creatine or any other supps other than multis for now.

    I would say that all advice given here is what you need too. all the mods and us guys who have 300 plus posts are all on the same page as for diet, exercise, supplements, etc. you wont get different types of advice here (at least it is very rare anyways)

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    I know there are many ways about attacking weak points do you mean something like doing weak area split at the start of the week or like doing a set of pull ups st the start of each session?? As for diet I've been adviced to increase cal intake to a sort of lean bulk to fill out weak points as can't ve done in a deficit. As of today I've increased cals to 3000 with a .40/30/30 ratio of carbs, protein, fat. I got the good to go for these macros of a couple mates. Hopefully I'll stay lean as for training I'm thinking of going all out strong lifts everyday but have a seperate day for legs where I'll do gvt and attack my god damn chicken legs.
    I don't take creatine I got 2 tubs at home but its too grainy. Protein I've got regular whey use straight after training and in oats coz its yummy Toffee flavour and lean and cheap.

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    Your 154 pounds and 5 foot 9 inches tall, your a lean beast for sure.

    I am 220 at 5 foot 9

    We can for sure put some pounds on you and fill you out but is that what you want, you have to dig deep to find some of these questions. Adding 50 pounds to your frame will take about 5-8 years without steroids.
    I cant tell you where your going to place in your first contest even with pictures, to be honest its not that important. What is important is the experience you get out of it. Log and chart everything, get into the habit now.

    With that said.
    You should be tracking everything you eat. Dont get caught up in macro nutrient shit now, that will come later when you understand what your eating.
    at 2100 calories your break down should be 60% protien and 40% carbs.
    Do you gain weight or lean out at 2100?
    You need to find what I call the center point of your diet. Mine is 2718 calories. This is the point that when I eat a bad 2700 I get fat, when I eat clean 2700 I dont gain or loose, muscle or fat.
    When I eat a clean 2900 - 3500 I gain both fat and muscle. How much of each is a mystery only god knows.

    Here is the fact:
    To gain weight you must eat an excess of calories. You can minimize fat gain by eating clean lean solid foods. HOWEVER there is no way to NOT gain some fat, its just the way it is.
    To loose weight you MUST eat a deficit of calories, You can minimize muscle loss with steroids and drugs, but you cant stop it. There is no way to know how much you will loose both fat or muscle without testing every month.
    As an example in 2010 on 1200mg of test week (including all my injectables and orals) I still lost 9 pounds of lean muscle tissue, and 36 pounds of fat. It can be done, you have to want it.

    Your natural testosterone should be raging now, your final body weight has NOT BEEN SET, you honestly and truely have another 3 years to gain weight. If your a fat slob your body gets set that way and you have to fight your ass off to change it later. If your a lean best you will fight to put on more weight. Its just the way it is, but it can be done once you find your center point.

    How do you find your center point? By playing with clean calories first. If your eating 2100 now and its split properly you should know in about 30-50 days if your right on the money. If you loose your abs it needs an adjustment, If you fill out your muscles then your doing it right, when it stops you add some calories slowly on the protein side and you continue to grow then your good again.
    If you add calories and you dont grow, move them to the other side (carbs) and wait to see what happens.

    There is also a lot of misconception about foods, and what I tell you to eat is based on what I know for myself.
    Lots of guys can eat nuts, peanut butter, cheese etc. I cant. It just goes to my ass.
    A treat now and again is fine, but not on a regular day to day basis. At least for me.
    This is only learned through trial and error.

    Fats are a good example, I consider all fat bad fat, I dont care where it comes from. #1 this is what I have been taught. #2 it works for my body type and metabolism.

    While this post is long, I hope that it helps you along.

    As for the steroids, Im telling you now, dont touch them for another 2 years at the absolute most minimum.

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    Very good advice mate cheers!! Yeah I think its generally a learning curve I think I was leaning up with that much calories and I think I platued all of a sudden. I was always hungry lol. Believe me this transformation has only happened recently I've been training for a while just for the fun of it but only realized just before 2012 the MASSIVE part diet plays like how super really important it is. I'll try fill out these areas hopefully remaining fairly lean. I'm pretty much sure I'll lose my abs as they're not even that great only look good due to lighting, but my chest arms and back have pretty much some cobsistant seperation. I don't mind if I do shit in thid contest I just want to go on stage and know I've worked for something.
    As for steroids I don't fancy going near them any where near them soon. I've been told I need them and I should be on them now, but its just too much for me to deal with atm. Plus my girlfriend said she would break up with me if I use them, can't have that can we now! Lol

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    Also I find clean foods very difficult to define. Almonds, pb etc I consider good but milk I try not to have much. I still don't know how my body will react, so its all experimenting

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    Ok somebody help me I'm getting depressed and feel mentally drained. I've stopped dieting and trying to put on weight but feel like im losing my abs and the dry look. I dunno what to do I need to fill out weak areas but have decided to do a local show at the end of April for experience. I've resorted to eating cakes and have gone crazy what do I do? Was thinking of backloading my carbs or something. I need help.

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