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Thread: HCGenerate keeping the boys plump !

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    Default HCGenerate keeping the boys plump !

    This is a natural product that comes in the form of capsules and is designed to prevent testicular atrophy and shutdown. It may be used on cycle as a testicular support and also in pct to restore HPTA functions. It is used as an aid/stack and also a replacement/substitute to HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin). In my opinion is best stacked with HCG.

    It is a completely natural product and is 100% legal and available at need to build muscle and a couple of other retailers worldwide. It has become a staple addition to the modern AAS user’s routine, with 100s and 1000s of posts reporting successful usage across all respected forum boards online.

    It’s a worthy addition to any cycle and/or pct and should be used on most AAS, prohormone and sarms cycles.

    So what’s in HCGenerate and Why?

    HCGenerate is a natural testosterone booster that stimulates the body’s own production of testosterone.

    It is unlike many other herbal test boosters, in that it targets one of the primary causes of low test levels!
    HCGenerate uses fadogia agrestis as one of the active ingredients to stimulate the leydig cells. As men age, the leydig cells activity decreases, putting strain on the pituitary gland- which in turn causes low levels of testosterone production. As the leydig cells are stimulated, the pituitary can begin to function at a normal pace and produce a higher concentration of both free testosterone and total serum levels.

    The advantage to using HCGenerate on cycle is that it reduces HPTA shutdown by keeping the leydig cells stimulated, and makes transition into Post Cycle Therapy very smooth. Use of exogenous testosterone or harsh oral cycles puts the body’s natural production to a halt and causes erectile dysfunction, elevated estrogen levels, and in a lot of cases could cost you the hard earned gains achieved on cycle. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is often used by body builders to minimize HPTA shutdown. This also allows for our libido to remain unaffected on cycle, and in many cases increases libido. The downside to using this compound is that it is illegal and must be administered via a subcutaneous injection several times weekly.

    HCGenerate with fadogia agrestis stem extract can also be used as a stand-alone testosterone booster to help elevate natural test levels!
    The addition of Tribulus Terrestris and Zinc are to help the body produce at its peak levels. When you hit the gym hard, you don’t want to half ass it! You want to get in there, kill it and get out! The added aggression in the gym is there to help you break plateaus and set new records!
    Let’s talk about recovery. We’ve covered the issue natural test production after using anabolics but what about your post cycle therapy? While your body is reaching homeostasis,

    HCGenerate with fadogia agrestis stem extract can help to improve your HDL, which is often compromised on oral cycles.
    It also will help to stimulate the natural production of testosterone, helping bring natural levels back to normal fast so you can keep your gains. Libido normally suffers when test production is shut down, so again stimulation of natural production of test signaled in the pituitary helps to keep your performance at a maximum.

    Spare yourself the legal issues, and put less stress on your body’s endocrine system!

    • Helps prevent erectile dysfunction
    • May help keep muscle gains
    • Assists in liver function
    • Promotes better mood and feelings of well being
    • Prevents rapid reductions in IGF
    . Prevents shut down while on cycle
    . Promotes natural testosterone production
    • Improves HDL
    • TOTALLY Legal
    • NO injections
    From (HCGenerate with Fadogia Agrestis.The most powerful sex drive increasing , shut down preventing on cycle support product ever created.)

    Here are 2 links below, which explain in detail what each ingredient does; and how it works in great combination with the more traditional serm only nolva/clomid pct methodology
    Why you should use hcgenerate if you take nolva/clomid for pct.
    Below in this link Posts 8 and 9 are reviews, stories and bloods showing the effectiveness of this awesome product.
    Hcgenerate for how long?

    When to use!
    Any anabolic steroid, pro-hormone or supplement that highly elevates your testosterone and causes testicular atrophy will require the usage of either HCG or HCGenerate or a combination of them both.
    Any compounds that you decide to run may well be suppressive to your HPTA and it’s up to the individual to assess and research what they are taking and make a decision based upon personal experience and knowledge prior to consumption of that compound.
    If the chosen compound is suppressive than they will need to use either the aforementioned to combat it.
    Individual usage and personal experience will pay dividends when deciding the choice of any supplement. Many people react in many different ways and some will be ok using a minimal amount of protection/supplements on cycle, whilst others will grow a set tits just looking at AAS. Therefore I recommend you have both HCGenerate and HCG on hand and run them in the best/logical way you can. You may then decide to drop/add/change anything as you’ll know what’s necessary and how you personally react to the compounds you are taking.

    Getting blood work prior and after cycle is a must to ensure you are healthy!!

    Some users say and openly recommend the fact they use no protection (some no PCT) and claim to be fine. I am dubious to this and believe protection should always be used and a thorough pct should take place also.

    So in summary:
    Hcgenerate-May be used on cycle and in pct, may also be used singularly as a boost for test and libido. Users may also increase dosages if they like or require, in order to gain more benefit from it. This is a personal choice and should be done on personal merit and experience upon ones requirements.

    HCG-May be used on cycle and often in the last 2 weeks before pct as a blast to ensure a smoother and more successful recovery and transition into the pct period.

    Why: Apart from having tiny balls lol, the harder you get shutdown, the longer it may take to recover, whilst also being more stressful for the body. Longer recovery can lead to reduced gains and increased side effects, as imbalanced hormones and low testosterone will lead to the loss of gains acquired. You will take longer (much longer) to recover so will not be able to cycle again (safely) as soon which in some circumstances may be very important for the user (Pros etc). The transition may also feel unpleasant as your natural test levels are gone (moods, depression etc). You may also run the risk of permanently damaging your testicles if care is not taken and may need the usage of HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

    Do your body a favour and yourself and protect your nuts, you’ll be healthier and you’ll gain a lot more muscle because of it
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