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Thread: Cidotestone

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    Default Cidotestone

    Just wondered what any of you guys thought of these amps. They're from Egypt. Any ideas if they're legit?
    They read...Cidotestone, 250mg, 1ml-I.M, B.N: 122376M, Mfg: 05/12, EXP: 05/15, CID Co- EGYPT.
    Ps. Excuse the dodgy photo taking technique!
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    Hazcat Guest


    What is the batch number? Does it match the batch number on the box?

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    The batch number is 122376M. I got rid of the boxes to help me get them through customs in a bigger box but yes the batch numbers did match

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    Hazcat Guest


    As long as the liquid level is the same when you line up the amps I'd say there were legit then. Everything else seems to be in order from what I know of them. They used to be faked quite a bit. The only other thing to do is use them and see if they work or pay a fortune getting one tested.

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    Sorry to open up this old thread again, but I need some help.

    I hope someone can give me their 5 cents on these pictures of the Egyption Cidoteston I just got.

    I have spent a couple of hours searching, but I cant seem to find any decisive conclusion on how to spot a fake.

    OK, so the bottles have these batch numbers (yes, there were some different batch numbers on the bottles in the same box) and most is coherent with the box batch number.

    Batch: 20130034 - 20120025 - 120611M

    Some of the bottles is a little smaller then the rest.
    Some have the CID logo a little "blurry" and the logo is not placed on the same spot on every bottle.

    The fluid is identical in each bottle and they broke easy with a clean edge. (fluids is nice and oily)

    Please help me out by looking at the pics.


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