Hey guys an gals, I need some help making some decisions. I am trying to cut body fat and get cut while not loseing any strength, with all the info I've been reading up on for the last six months there is just too much out there that just does not work especially when I am paying three to four hundred dollars for a cycle. What do you pros out there think I should try and will show me the most results for my dollar. I've been online at all the links and background checked info on a multitude of diff. things I think I'm more confused now than when I started. My weight is 218lbs. 43yrs old and my body fat is close to 22%. I eat 6 small meals a day, low carbs, high protein, and min. fats. I run 5 miles every morning without question and have been for nearly twenty yrs;(since I got married). I've started a journal to keep track of all calorie intake also. Background, I weighed 347lbs in high school so I have achieved alot since then I just WANT MORE!! Oh, also I am only 5'6'' tall, big bone structure, and obesity runs in my family, I have six sisters of which two are over four hundred pounds and thats no joking. Both are diabetic and can't even walk up stairs in their homes without taking a break before they reach the top. I'm working on their diets right now and have given both tread mills requesting them to walk on 5-10 min a day. Thanks everyone any and all help will be GREATLY GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!