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Thread: Cycle help required

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    Default Cycle help required

    Hi guys, i am running helladrol cycle and using it in doses of 75/75/100/100/125/125 for weeks 1-6. n2guard is also used for weeks 1-6 along with hcgenerate. i am also running creatine for weeks 1-10 and forma for weeks 3-10. currently in week 2 of my cycle.



    working out 5 days a week, looking for good lean muscle along with fat loss. say what?

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    why aren't you running HCGenerate?

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    Oh I'm sorry I seem to have missed your intro thread in the intro section?
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    HAHA danno, ya know that is very odd. I found something else interesting...he apparently has 3 posts(or so it says) but i checked his profile and this is his ONLY post. Thats very strange.
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    Id add a few things bro to ensure your cycle goes well and you get all you can outta it. Id also adjust the dosage sooner, this will enable you to find your own sweet spot and go from there. No need to taper it up on a specific regiment just increase steadily and find a levels that's right for you and settle on that. Also youll need a decent pct to ensure you keep all you can and recover well.

    Id cycle it like this bro:

    1-6 helladrol 75/75/100/100/125/125 (steadily adjust as you see fit)
    1-6 hcgenerate (minimise suppression and makes pct easier later on)
    1-6 N2guard (cycle support, liver protection etc)
    4-6 forma stanzol
    7-10 clomid 25/25/25/25mg
    7-10 unleashed/post cycle combo
    7-10 daa powder (3g's a day)
    7-10 forma stanzol
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