I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice on my third course.

I'm 23 been training for 4 years on a 4 day split. 6ft @ 14 st 12lbs and 14%bf roughly. Diet is fairly clean but no cardio at the moment; however, I do plan on adding some in as I'm looking to lose some bodyfat but retain as much muscle as possible. I can post a breakdown of my diet if need be.

The course I'm planning in running is:

T400 - 1ml e/w - wk 1-10
Tren200 - 1ml e/w - wk 1-10
Anavar - 50mg e/d - wk 4-10

Would this be beneficial for lean gains and vascularity if I lose bodyfat?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.