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Thread: Tren test p dbol cycle

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    Default Tren test p dbol cycle

    hi all, i am looking for some really nice advice from all you experienced guys out here. i'm planning to run dbol 50mg ed for 12 weeks with clomid as pct. after this cycle, i intend to plan another cycle with test p 200mg eod for 10 weeks, dbol 50mg ed for 9 or 10 weeks, and tren a for 7 weeks at 100mg eod.

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    I hope this isn't serious. ??
    What gave you the idea to run dbol at such high doses and for 3 months??? This is a terrible idea. And without a doubt would have severe consequences..
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    50mgsdbol for 12 weeks forget it
    max 6 weeks

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    And.... Another cycle for 9/10 weeks...??? You you don't need to take ANY gear!!... You need to read more before your on a liver transplant list!

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    Look to a test cycle bro, a 12 week test e cycle would do you well. You could use the Dbol as a kicker on this while your test builds up. then run pct and take some time off..
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    Not a smart idea at all to run dbol that high for that long. I wouldn't go more then. 6 weeks at that dose. And your gonna want something strong to protect the liver. I suggest n2guard with it and run the test at the same time for 10-12 weeks.

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    Why the hell is this being even commented on? the thread is from over 3 months ago....and yet again it's a mysterious thread starter with 6 posts, yet this is his only post...
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