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Thread: Cycle setup guidance

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    Default Cycle setup guidance

    Hi mates, i am setting up my fifth cycle and have run tren in the last three cycles. the two cycles were with anavar, clen, and sustanon. my next cycle will look like:

    weeks 1-6 at 50-60mg Turanabol
    weeks 1-3 at 150mg test P
    weeks 1-12 at 400-500mg test E

    27 yrs

    is that good? should i consider adding masteron to this cycle at some stage?

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    would replace tbol with dbol IMO

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    Id add some N2guard to accompany your Tbol and extend the test prop to 4 or 5 weeks bro.
    Plus your gonna need some aromasin and decent pct planned up.
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    what's.your.pct. plan?
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    I'd run the Tbol the last 6 weeks and use the prop as a kicker the first 4-6 weeks. I'd also add in some n2gurd and adex for estrogen control. A low dose of adex should do you fine but if you need a little extra you could throw in some forma or dspark.

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