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Thread: Guidance on fat loss

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    Default Guidance on fat loss

    Hi, i have been doing weight training for the last six and a half years. i am now 29, 5'7", and 180lbs. i am unable to do heavy exercises due to a leg and shoulder injury last spring and want to know if there is something that can help me lose body fat and gain muscles at the same time?

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    best to lose bodyfat is diet not steroids

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    Lose body fat AND gain muscle? Why does everyone want to do both?

    Concentrate on one thing at a time. Thats why 99% of people bulk, then lean. Easier for your body to concentrate on one or the other rather than both. There is no magic pill. Try fasted cardio early AM. Clean up your diet. Don't eat shit. Drink lots of water(Gallon+ a day)
    The results are all up to you. Steroids won't make you lose weight, quite the opposite--you'll gain weight on them.

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    Just and idea and I know it's not what your looking for but with both of your injures. I think kettle bell training would do wonders. I had shoulder surgery last year and physical therapy was a joke but I rehabbed myself by doing light kettle bell workouts. Look into it but they are awesome during injuries.

    One exercise I like it VIKINGS.

    U take one bell and do 7 jerks for 15 sec rest for 15 sec then do 7 more with the other arm then rest 15 sec the. Repeat for 15 mins or as long as you like.

    Just an idea they helped me with my injury and got me strong and with diet I lost the 10 lbs I put on with a f up rotator cuff.

    Good luck

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    you cant do both really, heres what wold be beneficial for you is losing some body at get cut up then clean bulk, its a real for sure way of getting positive bulk results
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    I think everyone should have steroids while they're on sex.


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    you can gain muscle and lose fat but it's extremely difficult and you need to be in good shape to be able to do it... if you have injuries then your definitely not going to do it and as others have pointed out, steroids are not fat burners... too many guys have this misconception... i would look at running sarms... ostarine has healing qualities and can help you to build lean muscle... other sarms allow for lean muscle growth with fat burning capabilities but it all starts with your diet and training... you need consistency with both... check out SARMS1.COM - The best Selective androgen receptor modulators for your sarms... there are plenty of good writeups and videos there as well...

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    Well don't expect either one to happen over night... I hit the cardio in the morning, diet went to high protein a low carb, and doing high rep exercises... More to tone rather than lifting heavy... In 5 months I went from 206 to 173.

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