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Thread: Injected into front Delt now can't bench or shoulder press

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    Default Injected into front Delt now can't bench or shoulder press

    Hey guys last weekend Wednesday I injected into my front delt a 1ml shot of test prop. I normally do medial delts but just did it there for a change. I noticed on Thursday morning it was swelling a tiny bit of pain but thought nothing of it and did my leg workout and did front squat with bar resting across shoulders no biggy got through it. On Friday it had swollen up even more and when I went to do cgbp I could do the movement but it was quite sore so I left it and continued to do my arms but not do anything which involved my shoulders. Then I rested over the weekend the swelling went down to normal and it didn't hurt to move the shoulder at all. I went to bench today and warmed up shoulders with my regular rotator cuff exercises and then with the bar. Then when I loaded on working weight of 200lbs to do twelve reps I unracked descended and then my left shoulder just gave way. I managed to get the weight back up but I felt a slight cracking and moving & some pain I immediately stopped then went on to do my back but I tried to see what I could do chest wise and I couldn't stabilise 20kg dumbbells without pain or do a push-up. I went home and go checked by my dad who's a dr and he said there was inflammation of the front Delt and to rest my shoulders and gave me anti inflammatories. I'm set on resting my shoulders and chest for a week until next week. I was wondering if you think it's a good idea for me to try again next week after all the Inflammation has gone and go light on my weights because I can't not train my chest and shoulders especially as I am prepping. And I also wanted to know if anyone has had a similar situation before.

    Cheers guys all the help and input is appreciated.

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    Prop into virgin muscle = pain and inflammation. Give it a few days and it should be fine.
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    Hopefully I'm skipping on shoulder and chest workouts and I'm not going to cgbp when I do arms later this week. I realised from this that when I bench my front delts come into play more than I'd like. You think the strength will be all good? I'm not going to be foolish and jump back into
    200lbs first set haha. I'll start light and see how I'm feeling. Just irritating psychologically that I can't bench or shoulder press until next week but no chance I'm risking it.

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