Let me start this with some back info when I was 18 I wanted to be a marine, long story short taking care of my mom and brother , and choosing between my wife and kid and marines the wife won.I was way to wild at the time anyway. But having said that at the end of the day it was my decision and I have regretted it every since, its one of the few screw ups in my life I really feel like I missed something I wanted to do. I really thought my window was long gone and may still be, but after getting back into fitness its been eating at me again. With the dramatic difference I feel and see in myself I'm starting to think maybe.

By the time I feel I would be in good enough condition to even attempt it I would be past 39 by a few months and thats where my questions start. I know army used take you up to 42 don't know on marines.

Is it even possible, is there anyway to run gear if I had to for basic, what would the best fields to go into in there for my age. My joints are still decent and my body is coming back really well. I would want to be in a unit that deploys and is about nothing but fitness.

any thoughts would be great, good or bad. Because this is just that one regret I can't shake and I'm a person that has to take stuff head on