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    Hey all.

    Been lurking for a while, but never created an account until I was ready to dive in.

    36 (almost 37) years old male. 6'4" tall, 250lbs (yes, I'm a lard-ass, I know).

    Been working out off and on for about 5 yrs, been doing 4 days/week for the past 3 months (+ 3 more months working up to 4x/week).

    On TRT (or HRT, however you want to call it). 4 weeks into that (200 Test C/week plus some HCG and Anast), but all I've noticed is some increased appetite issues.

    I've had 2 recurring problems with training over the years:
    1) Can't build my upper body to save my life (legs no problem - 1500lb leg press 10reps/set for 3 sets consistently), but upper body caps out at 165lb bench for 10reps/set.

    2) Shoulders seem to overtrain easy and don't get any stronger.

    I obviously need to drop poundage (which is 90% diet, I know), but my goals are to gain lean muscle, particularly upper body.

    Any suggestions on what I should run?

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    Shoot me a PM. I'll give you a great cycle recommendation for lean mass.

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    Sorry Haz,
    I'm obviously new at this. My sources have always been personal/face to face. Thanks for the heads up though.
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    Hazcat Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Vsquad View Post
    Actually.... I'll trade you my knowledge for a trusted web source. I'll help you out anyway bro! Just figured I'd mention that I'm looking.
    You just set yourself up for every scammer in the book. They prey on posts like this and are very good at it. Imagine someone sending you to someone's email through a PM. Once there you get a list and are asked to send funds via Western Union for your order then you receive nothing or a couple vials of oil with nothing in them. If you're lucky they are half dosed so at least you got something. This just isn't the way to find a source and it's against board rules.

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