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Thread: Please help me , anyone tell me about the cycle

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    Default Please help me , anyone tell me about the cycle

    hello friends I am new here and I have been practicing in the gym for the last 6 months continuously. I have heard a lot about the cycle of decadonat+testoviron+d-bol. I am good in practicing. But didnot get size in my body. pleas tell me about the usage of these three. How to use them in what quantity day by day. can we mix deca and testa to use . please tell me.
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    sorry friend but u need to go back to gym for next fee years of hard training and dieting then think about injecting yourself with something u don't even know, steroids aren't magic

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    I agree with ZI1 here, the best thing about training are this.

    Consistency in training, every day, single body part, on your rest days cardio or lagging parts.

    Diet is a must, if you dont eat you wont gain size or hold what you gained on steroids.
    My coach said to me this past month is its the smallest he has ever seen me, because I am not eating.

    I cant stress enough how important eating is.

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    Everyone would look amazing if it only took 6 months to obtain what most here have been training years for. Like others said diet is key. I was 150lbs before, thinking steroids was the answer to everything.2 years later I'm 185 with low body fat! What did I do? Endless reading, and endless eating. I used to think I had a amazing diet, it was quick to see that no I didn't, and my training was mediocor. Keep up the hard work in the gym and focus on diet. If you want post up your diet plan and let some one pick it apart. There is endless advice on here.

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    Thnx frnds.

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    yeh listen to the guys here, you got to build a solid foundation and get to your know body 100% before you begin my friend, you'll gain so much better and get so much bigger in the long run
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