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Thread: When Do You Prefer To Cycle

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    Default When Do You Prefer To Cycle

    Just curious to find out what time of year people like to cycle or finish there cycle.

    Is it over summer or winter or coming into summer?

    Me personally I normally start in spring as the weather starts to get better and more daylight hours. But most of my cycles I have kept to 12 to 14 weeks.. so come summer I am leaning out and enjoying the outdoors more.
    My cycles have been fairly basic...normally 3 months.

    I live in a warmer climate here in Australia so our summers are really humid. Its hot and sweaty and sometimes I have trouble eating as much in the heat so I prefer to keep my cycles leading up to the summer.

    Do you have a preference...or do you just cycle when your body is ready to go.


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    When I can get decent gear lol.
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    Ill be starting a summer run in September I think. If I choose long esters. If not ill start October! I'm in aus too. But I don't mind the heat.
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    I blast and cruise, so as long as I have had enough time for my body to come back to what is normal for me. This time is different for everyone, the only way to know 100% is to have blood drawn regularly.

    General rule of thumb is time on + PCT = time off.

    As to your question as a whole, Im in Canada, so bulk in the winter, lean in the summer. but going to try and keep leaner all year around now.

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    if you have a high metabolism and naturally burn a lot of calories bulk in the winter and cut in the summer as people always burn more calories through sweating more in summer time

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    I prefer to always be on cycle, lol. Seriously though, I bulk best in the cooler months so I like to run a nice long bulk cycle starting around October though January. If I use the first couple 2-3 months to bulk then I can use the last month or so to lean out just in time for the warm Florida weather. That's my plan for this fall/winter. I'm going to run a test/deca/anadrol cycle and finish it out with possibly tren and winstrol or masteron. Then back to the TRT dose through the summer. I'll might run a short cycle mid summer of some sort, probably just some winstrol with the TRT.
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    My blasts are always focused on getting bigger and stronger while minimizing any fat gain. I start them whenever my body is ready. Usually that's around 10+ weeks of cruising and letting my body heal.

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    as long as I have every item I need whenever. Also as long as I know for sure my schedule isn't going to have something that prevents me from eating smart, lifting etc.

    Usually I like to be on pct or shortly after, then go on vacation

    I like running bridge after my PCT. Have you guys looked into it. Helped me retain more of my gains ever after pct.

    You can get it at n2bm or by clicking here
    Need something to hold you over in-between cycles?

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    Generally January through December.

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