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Thread: Seeking a Pros Advice

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    Default Seeking a Pros Advice

    hello i am just trying to figure out the best way to dose my gear i want to do long term i figure i got enough for 4 months keep in mind my diet is in check all vitamins are covered protein is at a 2g/1 lb ratio callories are 4000
    and above i take flax seed oil and salmon oil milk thistle and i have been doing this for last 5 months or so
    i hit the gym like a psycho i am almost sure everything is in check i think.

    age 28
    weight 165
    vertically challenged at 5.7

    20ml X 400mg Test400 Medistar
    20ml X 300mg Deca Medistar
    100 X 20mg Dianabol Medistar
    50 X 50 Clomid Medistar
    50 X 50 Nolvadex Medistar

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    I have a solid connection here in Canada should i order anything else?

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    Arimidex for on cycle AI, Aromasin for PCT, hCG for testicular restart and Caber or Dostinex for any Progesterone sides.

    That should do it.
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    15% BF
    On TRT

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    Hazcat Guest


    I'd rather see you use something like NAC for liver support instead of milk thistle. Milk thistle has been shown to down regulate androgen receptors.

    On another note I can't tell you how many times I've seen people post that their diet is in check but once we twist their arm time and time again and finally get them to post it up it really isn't very good at all. I like that you know your protein intake and understand it's importance. How do you get your protein....shakes? Two grams per pound isn't necessary for growth....just some bro' science that's flooding the boards. 6 meals a day isn't necessary either. Calories are calories and as long as you get them in you're going to do fine. If you can do it in 3 meals and feel okay then fine.

    Your post is very general .... if you list out your diet, list out your training, and list out exactly what you plan to take weekly on cycle we can make recommendations. Planning out each detail of your cycle then running a cycle log will keep you on track and give you something to look back on and see what worked and what didn't. It will tell you what side effects you had during your cycle and how you defeated the bad sides. It will help you plan future cycles.

    Lastly .... working out like a psycho is great. Do you over train possibly? Over training will inhibit mass gains if that's your goal. What is your goal other than gain mass and lose body fat?

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    Look up SILIBININ 100mg/ml; that should cover the problem and liver toxicity

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    That's a heavy cycle for a 28 year old.

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    ok i totally forgot i posted my question here here is a update my gains are pretty dam scary i am on week 4 i am up 24 lb
    i decided to switch up my kicker tbol to avoid the water bloat and i have been taking nac for last 2 years i did not think posting that would have been relevant i had my blood work checked and everything is normal only thing is my bp is high about 145 i cut caffeine out of my diet
    and it seems fo be hovering at 135 checked 3 times per day for my diet my stomach is pretty much a black hole now any food that gets close is never seen again i got hcg now and Arimidex i also got 3 boxes of somaprotin enough to last a year i am keeping it in my mini fridge until i figure out what to do with it my gains are pretty scary considering i have 15 weeks of deca and test400 left i think i might crack 50lb this cycle going from 200 to 250 in 2 months will be scary i have already ruined 3 pairs of pants and several shirts they are Ripping like crazy
    i was wondering if i tool aspirin would that help lower my bp

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    hey i have shakes with 1650 cal when mixed with homo milk i eat alot man i have 6 meals A day without 3 shakes i am totally sides free
    other than the weight gain knock on wood but i have everything on hand to fix anything that could happen i do train like a physco
    i am a roofer and i hit the gym every night my bf is prob 4% i have visible 8pac i have never looked like i have had a ounce of fat my entire life
    i am lucky in away i also take salmon oil and flaxseed oil and a booster pack of vitamins daily

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    Sorry, but you're not gonna go from 200 to 250 in 2 months. Not physically possible without a lot of fat gain also. 3 boxes of somatropin? Thats gh right? 3 kits isn't gonna last you a year, try 3 months max. There is no way you are are 4% bf! haha Thats contest ready at that level, and if you hit the gym every night, you are over training.
    "Everybody wanna be big, nobody wanna lift this heavyass weight!" - Ronnie Coleman

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    I'm gonna disagree with the overtraining if hitting the gym every day. If you know what you're doing and hit the body in a certain matter you'll be fine. But only .01% of people know this so i will agree in this case that he is overtraining lol

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