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Thread: Upping test

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    Default Upping test

    Currently running 500mg of test things are going good, but my pumps are nothing like my first cycle? My first cycle I ran around 700mg of sust.
    My cycle right now I am running 500mg of test and 600mg of deca. Would upping my test be a good idea or should I just leave it? Is it normal to not get as crazy as pumps from test E as sust?

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    I would run test 600mg and deca 400mg. If this is your first few cycles i wouldn't go over 1000mg weekly with both combined. Leave yourself room to go up later if you need too. Some people are going to say run deca higher than test but for me that just don't work. Everyone is different so you just have to try what works for you. Imo though i don't think thats the reason your not getting as good as pumps as before.

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