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    Why do my pumps feel like there lacking? My first cycle I uses sust 350 I think it was, my pumps felt insane, sometimes to intense. This cycle running test E. They are way more minimal. Is this common?

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    A lot of ti depends on your diet. Higher carbs give greater pumps.
    Also heavy weight will not give you a pump like doing a million reps with a lighter weight.
    Just remember, the pump is not what uyou want necessarily, you want growth. If you are growing then don't worry about the pump. If you are not growing then eat more food.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
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    It depends on your diet like buff said , whats your diet like now?

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    Exactly what buf said.

    I know im one of those guys who love a pump. I take arginine, and citrulline religiously. This helps out a ton. There is a product by MRI(MRI pioneered the whole nitric oxide movement back around 2000)that i love, but it's pricey. "N02 Black", and most recently i tried the" N02 Full Cycle." These supplements are what's know as hemodialators. Basically they help boost nitric oxide levels, allowing more blood to pump into the muscle. I'll be honest, i just simply don't buy into many supplement claims, most supplements out there are complete bullshit and the comapnies make ridiculous claims. These products however do work for that purpose. One way i know this isn't placebo is because i even get stronger erections when using a nitric oxide product.

    You may also want to check into a pre-workout. Just make sure it has some nitric oxide type stimulators in it. Another compound making big news in this category is Agmatine.

    I have also noticed when i am loaded up on carbs, or if my muscle is full of glycogen, my pumps are gonna be better. Also, make sure your water intake is sufficient.
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    Food is the biggest key here but some great pre workout supps to give a great pump are ntks and n2amp by I use both preworkout and get great pumps and vascularity even while just cruising on test only.

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    Thanks guys I am def growing huge a lot. I think I need to up my water intake as well. As far as diet goes. It has been pretty good aside from a few busy days at work. I am pleased with the feed back thank you

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