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Thread: Im Back and heavier than ever. Not good.

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    Question Im Back and heavier than ever. Not good.

    Well its been awhile but here I go again.

    Very rough stats
    270 ish
    very high bf
    super bad back.

    The plan.
    I plan on running winny, test, clen at low doses until I have the strength back in my back. Ive broke my back, needed surgery, got it then worked hard for awhile but like always ran off track somewhere and let my self go. Oh right. I forgot. I ditched the old boot. This led to summer of cake. Literally. . I know I know. Its like fat guy crack. and now here I am again. In pain and stiff as hell with the motivation of a slug. Its really tough starting out again. But knowing how fit I was Is a really good motivator to get at it again.SOOOOOoooo...

    Like I said
    winny daily for strength
    Test for the boost.
    Clen for the turbo.

    Total Lypolosis starting today swell as clen at regular small doses

    enduro lifting so smaller weights and tons of them
    Yoga just because it works great for limbering up.( Go ahead say its ***. I dont give a fx )

    And thats about it i guess

    I understand you are what you eat. Its so tough staying away from sugars and complex carbs but I know I can do it.

    So to you Docs out there:

    How much winny shoud I do?
    How much test should I do?
    How much Arimidex SHould I do?

    Can I eat fruit while trying to get to Lypolosis?
    WHats a good schedule?

    Thats enough for now. lol Bombared you with questions!

    Thanks again. Fyi this site helped me substantially. One could say it changed my life.
    Im Back!!

    I will post some real gross befores for ya all to check out. You wont believe how fat I got.

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    Good to see you back. Sorry you ley yourself go so badly. Good luck on the transformation.
    The information given is for entertainment purposes only. I do not use steroids nor condone their use. I am not a trained health professional and therefore any answer given is strictly an intellectual exercise, not advice on how to use steroids.
    Muscle Forged In Pain!

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    Mar 2010
    B.C., Canada


    New Regime:
    Winny @ 50ml eod
    Adex .5 eod
    Clenbuterol Daily until it stops working then I will do antihistimine
    Test @ 200ml every second week

    Biking to the pool (5km each way)
    Swimming daily ( Great for people with bad backs)
    Yoga After that.

    Cardio (KalLastetics) Burpys Burpys and more burpys. lol
    Then Larger weight and lots of them


    Thursday is like Monday.
    Friday is like tuesday
    Saturday is motorbiking or whatever. Getting outside and enjoying life

    ZERO CARBS to reach Lipolosis ( I have Keto Sticks for accuracy)
    Protien and good fats (Nuts and fish)
    Staying away from fruit and some vegies because of the sugar content.

    ALSO there was a post here about the Hoss workout or something. I will do that every so often when Im feeling strong. MAN did that work the core.

    Any suggestions.
    Im not going to show any pics due to embarresment. Take my word for it. Im chunky But Im 6'2 and approxamatly 260 - 270 High body fat. I coud be a monster If I had a pair.

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    Welcome back and your plan looks great. Stay dedicated to your goals and you will succeed. Best of luck to you...

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    Blackpow...are you still out there fighting the fight??

    I chuckled a bit at "a summer of cake". I can relate to that, going through a bit of a boot ditching myself. lol

    Post up and fill us in! I need the motivation too.

    P.S. Hi Arabian! Nice to see ya stranger.

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    Well hello, I am glad you are here..

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    id cut natty til you get to 230lb, than start the pin.

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    get these things on your daily arsenal:am half grapefruit and launch time other have,get amino energy from amazon(contains caffeine green tea,antioxidants and lots of eaa) eat apple 30min before training(special acids help to burn stomach fat) don't pin more then 250mg test a week,I would use higher dose of arimidex and I cycle your clen 1 week-1week eca and so on.

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