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Thread: How Cyp gets in and out of system and cycle with primarily deca

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    Default How Cyp gets in and out of system and cycle with primarily deca

    Im on TRT and blast between doctors visits everyonce in a while but want to manage my trt dose a little better. Doc is satisfied if my number are above 300. Im going to try and get them at least above 500 and willing to get my own lab tests done. I would like to be a little more scientific about it and try and keep them steady. I understand the life of cyp is about 8 days but does it slowly drive the numbers up and down or does it go up fast. I guess my question is has anyone done testing or are their any studies that show ones numbers daily and how the stuff reacts. My other question is when i blast with test i seem to get alot of side effects that are supposed to be normal. I get High blood pressure and i get really red and have to donate blood. Have not blasted alot but has done it both times. Curiosfor my next blast if i upped my test a little from the trt dose and hit the deca pretty hard. Anyone done this. Im 39 and just looking for gains not trying to compete or anything but like getting bigger and stronger.

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