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Thread: opinions on next cycle

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    Default opinions on next cycle

    i'm about to start a new cycle within a month's time with tren a 100mg eod, test c 500mg a week, dianabol 50mg ed, and deca 450mg a week. have dostinex, clomid, and nolvadex from my last cycle, have done 4 cycles till now. please rush in your advice as I can't wait to start this stack and see what happens.

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    tren and test is fine, drop the deca, deca and tren is a bad combo

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    I didn't see any deca in there but the d-bol seems like a nice kick starter.
    Test C and tren A seems like an odd combination, but will definately work.
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    You could save yourself some money and run the dbol at 30mg and still get plenty of great gains.

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    Some people can run into problems running two nandrolones at once. I would drop the Deca and stick with the Tren

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    I say drop the deca. I had terrible tren cough really bad when I was on it. Make sure you run proper injection techniques. Make sure you draw back on the needle before pushing the oil in and def make sure there is no blood in the needle, if there is pull it out change needle and try again.

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