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Thread: Test levels dropped....

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    Default Test levels dropped....

    This is probably the wrong place to put this, please move it if it is. Life has brought a bunch of priorities that has taken me away from focusing on lifting and diet and all that fun stuff. I'm trying very hard to get back to it but I'm having some difficulties. I had a son a few months ago, got married, we dropped to one income and obviously these are all stresses and priorities. I work a lot more now than before as I'm trying to cope with a $50,000 pay cut so it's been a little difficult to get to the gym as regularly as I'd like but I'm working on it.

    3 years ago I had my test levels checked (I was 33) and the only number I paid any attention to was 805 ng/dl. I was happy with that and didn't think much of it. I was able to make gains, stay leanish, whatever. I had my levels checked a couple days ago (now 36), and it's dropped quite a bit. 534 ng/dl, free test is 71pg/ml. And something called Sex Hormone Binding Glob is 61. Sex drive appears ok, it's not what it used to be but it's not bad, no ED issues. I guess what I'm getting at is should I be alarmed? That's a big drop I would think.

    Quick background-36, current weight is 245 at 6'4. I put on a bunch of fat in a short time while my girl was pregnant. I have zero steroid use in my past, but shit I'm starting to think I might like it in my future! I apologize if this isn't in the right forum, but I'd like some opinions. Thank you

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    Don't worry you posted in the right section. Don't even think about doing any cycles until you get things straightened out first. Like your body fat percentage and make sure you dedicate time to diet and training a lot more
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    I think everyone should have steroids while they're on sex.


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    working out increases serum test levels pretty significantly so just the stoppage of training by itself would have some effect. Also stress will raise cortisol levels and also cause a deccrease in test levels. Also, as a 58 year old, there is a big difference between 33 and 36.
    Bottom line, don't sweat it bro. You've got a few more good years left in you. I didn't even need to start using aas until my 50's, and probably didn't really need to then.
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    Thanks for the reassurance. When I read the results I was kind of trippin. I don't have any plans of aas use in the near future, but low t is something I'm petrified of. I see that huge drop and think wtf is my level going to be at 40? I think my dads levels are in the 600's, and he's 22 years older than me!

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    if you are looking for a quick and cheap boost in test id get a cortizol blocker, tons of supp companies sell them otc, it could help minimise the effect of stress on your test levels

    congrats on your son mate!

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    534 Isn't that bad man. You're about in the mid range of normal, and according to what you said about not wokring out any, bf is way up and couple of years older, i'd say you're doing pretty good. Like bif said, working out alone would boost those numbers up some. I figure if you got back into good shape, eating right, training, and got your bf down under 15% your numbers would be close to what they were when you were 33. But sadly most people's test levels go down with age, but i can't see trt being an option fo you anytime soon. And that 800 number was damn good to be 100% natty, When i got put on trt i was 26yrs old and my number was 98!

    But yeah as far as running a cycle goes, you need to get that weight under control. Cardio and a good diet is the best for that, and as we all SHOULD know but don't for some reason bc ppl still categorize steroids as bulkers and cutters, steroids should NEVER be used to cut weight. Bout the only thing i would even consider would be maybe some ECA. Im not a big fan of diet drugs like clen and t3 bc most of the time the eight will come right back after the drug is stopped, and quite honestly, i think they are too dangerous to justify using. I do like ECA however though. I have only used weight loss stuff a few times, but eca is the only one i found to have minimal side effects, and i didn't get that weight rebound when i stopped. Stilll cardio and diet is your best friend. Not as "sexy" as steroids, but it will get the job done better.
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    Thanks joe! He's the best thing I've ever done.

    Everyone has definitely made me feel better. I was seriously thinking I gotta go find a dealer and start stabbing myself. Yes that was sarcasm. The good thing is this may be exactly what I need to get my act together on the diet front. I'm broke now so it's not like my time will be occupied by any of my toys, maybe now I can just focus on getting lean again. I gained 40lbs this year. When my girl got pregnant I said fuck it, I'm gonna concentrate on adding 50lbs to my bench. I ate worse than she did, but I got those 50 on the bench. Then I just stopped, for at least 5 or 6 months.

    I need to find some motivation, proper, diet, and maybe a new routine. Thank you all for your help

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    To add to what Buf said, the increase in body fat can also contribute to the drop in test levels. My test levels went south when I lost my thyroid. Having thyroid issues can also effect test levels. I wouldn't be overly concerned at this point but I would certainly monitor it every six months. I suggest getting thyroid levels checked the next blood work as well.
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    Your numbers look okay and if everything is working okay don't sweat it. Working out helps tremendously as mentioned with test levels, helps lipids, lowers cortisol, and just overall feeling better. You're okay brother. Your doing fine. Just get back on the training bandwagon. Congrats on the son and good luck getting some sleep. You're doing the right thing with one income when you have a baby. You're making good decisions and getting back into training. It's going to work out. That boy will be a blast in a couple years so hang in there. The best is yet to come. Stay away from the steroids until your doctor says it's time. Nothing beats natural test.

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    Yeah I don't think that number is very low myself. Your levels are going to drop with age and there are so many other factors that play into it like the time of day of the test, diet, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If your looking for a good natty test booster to try I would look into hcgenerate.

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