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Thread: first cycle tips and all

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    Default first cycle tips and all

    i am 25 and have been training on and off for the last six years. i've been consistent since the last 11 months or so. i'm 5'11", bf8%, 180lbs. diet has healthy fats, lean meats, and complex carbs. i want to run test prop 100mg eod, dbol 40mg ed, and use clomid for post cycle therapy. cycle duration will be somwhere around 12-14 weeks. what do you think?

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    im assuming you not going to run dbol for 12 weeks?

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    prop 100mgs/eod 1-12
    dbol 30-40mgs/day 1-4
    arimidex .25mgs eod 1-12
    clomid 50,50,25,25,25 start 2 days after last prop shot

    would run some milk thristle along cycle to avoid hepatoxic side effects

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    for first cycle every other day pin gona be too much pain on the ass
    Height 5'10"
    Weight >192 pounds
    Body fat <10%

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    Test Prop and Dianabol was one of my favourite mass builders.

    wk 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EOD
    wk 1-8 dbol 30mg ED
    *HCG 250ius 2x week
    *Aromasin 10mg ED


    6 weeks Nolvadex 20mg ED (40mg ED week 1)
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