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Thread: test and winny

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    Default test and winny

    i am very much excited to run a cycle with 9 weeks of testosterone enathate and 3 weeks of testosterone propionate wherein i will use them each in two equal shots of 250mg every week (500mg each every week). i will also use winny 60mg ed for 7-8 weeks. i am 220lbs, 5'10", and 29 years old. will also be taking arimidex .5mg eod throughout this cycle. what do you say?

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    there is no need for winny and you should do arimidex .5mgs ED
    why not just use enanthate the whole cycle? seems better

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    Just use test enth alone for 12wks. Your layout only makes sense to me if you were going to use enth for 12wks and prop the first 3 as a kickstart. I like AG-guys aromasin at 10mg ED on cycle and def use n2guard for cycle support.

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