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Thread: help on my cycle please

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    Default help on my cycle please

    I'm 29, 6'4, 215lbs, bf% 9-10%, diet balanced and clean. workout 6 days a week, cardios are regular as are jogging twice a day for around 30-50min. training for about 11 years. i was thinking whether a cycle of sustanon at 500 a week (split in two pins) for 6 weeks would be good or whether i should opt for sustanon 750 a week for 8 weeks?? i was also planning to run arimidex .25 eod and hcg. please share your experiences.

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    750 mgs of sust is too much stick with 500mgs/week and add an AI like arimidex

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    you'll need to run that for a minimum of 10 weeks. run arimidex along cycle, and run nolvadex for pct

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    I agree, 500 at 10-12 weeks would be better. Sust takes Time to kick in and to get the most out of it you should run it longer. 14 weeks would be better

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    Run N2Guard with HCGENERATE during the cycle. If you're into running you should consider GW Cardarine from sarms1 bro. Your endurance will absolutely go through the roof

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