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Thread: 2 Questions, Creatine and lean muscle

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    Default 2 Questions, Creatine and lean muscle

    First thing I have searched and read a number of post about this but, nothing is working.

    I am taking creatine, 2xc to be exact. I can send a link if needed to exact one. Anyways I started taking this about a week ago and first thing was it recommended 10gs a day, but my research said I only need 5g which is what I been taking. Everything seemed to be working great until about the 3rd day I started my workout and felt fine. I went to do box jumps and the first set where I was getting tired and started pushing a throbbing headache just hit like that. Now this has happened 3 times where my first set in the gym on 3 different days I get a instant throbbing heading when I push hard. I have done a lot of reading and saw I am not drinking enough water which I would have to differ because I am drinking enough to go to the bathroom every 30 mins and to the point urine is always clear. Anyone have any suggestions for this? I do not want to waist this stuff as I have heard good things about it.

    Next question. I am moving colleges to be in a fall sport next year. I want my diet to be spot on for a good fit body. I have the muscle I just want to keep a good body when I move out at a college budget. I have started stalking up on tuna, I was given 150 hamburger patties (I know its not the leanest thing) but I want help getting started in the right direction for a good diet to build some muscle, but still keep body fat low so my quickness can stay sharp.

    Stats are 21 year old male, 5'9 174lbs. Athletic body, very active. Can give more if needed.

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    5g of creatine per day is all you need. I'm not sure what is. Causing your headaches, but I don't believe it's coming from the creatine. Could be a number of other things.

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    2xc is that nutribolics?

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    I know in the several years of training, off and on taking creatine. Anytime I finally start to get into the groove of things and really pushing hard, BAM I get smacked with a headache so strong its like being hit in the head by a mac truck. I get off the creatine and keep up with everything else, and I am fine.

    I have read/heard from a few different doctors and sport medicine friends of mine from Tulane and LSU and other schools, that creatine tends to cause these severe headaches. EVEN when drinking an excess of 1-2 gallons of water a day. Now I will only take creatine if I ABSOLUTELY need it, which is almost never. I had quite a few tubs and containers laying around the house and I eventually gave them all away.

    Just my .2

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