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Thread: cycle help

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    Love to get some input. Im 39 on trt and like to blast in between. Last couple time went with the traditional 600 test cyp and 300 deca but ended up with high blood pressure the whole time. I dont know what it was from the test or the deca. My thoughts on this are switching to test prop and keping it lower and running NPP at a higher dosage. Im still new so not wanting to get to crazy. Input on dosages or anything would help. Probably get some aromasin and have it on hand but would rather not take it if i didnt have too. Been reading about n2gaurd to help with bp also. After just go back to the trt dose of cyp.
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    N2Guard is essential bro.. definitely want to have that on deck next time. That would have helped with BP for sure.

    AG guys has legit ancillaries like aromasin if you need it to bro.. I dont cruise so lets bump this thread to have one of the other guys help you out bro

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    Assuming the prop is at 100mg/ml and the NPP is 100mg/ml then I would run it 1ml each every other day. I have done this cycle many times with great results.
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    Keeping water gain down and estrogen in check will help with BP. You can pretty much bank on elevated BP on cycle, the key is to not let it get too high. Mine tends to run 150/85 to 160/90 on a heavy cycle but if I keep water estrogen in check I can keep it in the 140/80 range. Normal off cycle, on TRT, BP for me is 120/75 ish or so. I donate blood frequently and I take a baby aspirin ever day as well.
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