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Thread: test prop and anavar cycle

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    Default test prop and anavar cycle

    would you guys recommend a cycle of 8 weeks with testosterone propionate 150mg ed for weeks 1-8 and anavar 60mg ed. diet is very much clean, good, and balanced. 190lbs, 28 years, 5'9". i also have a replacement cycle in mind just if you want me to. and that will be with test p 500mg a week for weeks 1-10 and NPP 400mg a week for weeks 1-9 and then pct with nolva 40mg/40/mg/20mg/20mg/20mg/20mg and aromasin 25mg ed for weeks 1-6.

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    anavar and clen is a good cycle

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    i did a test prop and anavar cycle before, loved it LOVED IT however i hated pinning EOD though it felt like a chore for me afer while however i couldn't argue with the results if only my diet was cleaner i would have had better results but i would recommend that cycle to anyone. I have never used Clen so i have no comment on that. Since i loved the test prop so much ill be doing a cycle in September which will be Test Prop, Mast Prop and Anavar. Oh by the way my Test Prop and Anavar cycle was 12 weeks not 8

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