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Thread: diet plan for first cycle

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    Default diet plan for first cycle

    hey guys

    I jumping on my first cycle of test cyp and need to sort out my diet for it. I would rather have a diet plan with low carbs but I'm willing to increase carbs if it yields better results. I prefer to eat carbs in the arvo rather than later on in the day.

    current body fat 21%, 75kg @ 170cm, current diet is similar to this one. in the past 3 months I have lost about 8-10kg of fat. Was sitting on about 71kg but Christmas dinners and parties set me back a bit.

    630 am whey shake + 2 apples or rolled oats + dried fruit + 2 apples

    930 am 1/2 cup mixed nuts + 1 apple or banana or just a salad (lettuce, tomato, onion carrot)

    1230 pm 90g of tuna + 100g of brown rice or organic quinoa

    330 pm omelette with veggies

    whey shake before and after gym

    630 pm meat + veggies

    930 cup of fat free yogurt + 1 scoop of whey

    On the 4th day I increase the carbs by little bit and I drink alot of water through out the day

    I read up alot on dieting and gym but get really confused about what to eat and when to eat. Im not that good at measuring carbs and proteins in foods either. Will a diet like this be good for my cycle? I Appreciate any help you guys can give me.


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    Use this. Just plug in the information and its done.

    Leangains Macro Calculator
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    105 kg
    15% BF
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    I'm no expert but it is my understanding that your body fat % needs to be considerably lower before you begin your cycle. Under 15% seems to be the magic number.

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    Yeah, I would get the b/f down... That's what I am doing now, for a cycle in a couple of weeks...

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    ill aim to get it down to 15%. After using the macro calc, its looks like i need to increase the carbs a bit. If i did that, would it diet be viable?

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    I couldn't really get the calculator to work, all that converting English to metric was a pain to me

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    Try my fitness pal, app. That's what in use.

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