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Thread: Been on a bulking diet for a while now,how do i know when to stop and start to cut

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    Default Been on a bulking diet for a while now,how do i know when to stop and start to cut

    Hi,just a little backround,i about yrs ago was way overweight,since then i cut right down to 12st with hard training.I have been on 3 cycles so far having great gains but always loosing them soon after cycle finish.
    So ive totaly changed my diet over the last few months really piling in the clean calories so ive gone from a very lean 13st 83kg to about 90kg's 14 st and still growing.

    So here's my question,i kinda gauge my fat in the mirror,my six pack has gone to a 4 pack but my arms/whole frame has grown obviuosly.When do i know when to stop bulking??????im so affraid after my years of hard work ill go fat again.

    Im takeing in between 3800 calories (lowest day) to 5400 calories( highest day) what should i drop to when cutting and when do i do it.

    Im a little

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    did you measure your bodyfat, before and now? even if you're a bit puffy that's natural for bulking bro

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    No i didnt. I just gauge myself in the mirror really tbh. I was pretty cut when i started but as you say going puffy now.
    What i want to know is when do i stop??im building up for a test prop/npp wini short cycle,am i right to keep it going through that. When should i start cutting or would a cutting cycle help.

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    The only real way to tell when to stop, is to ask yourself "Have I gained enough weight to be where I want to be after my cut?" Simple as that. You can gauge that by measuring BF or just by looking at yourself in the mirror and using that as a base point. Other than that, no one else will be able to tell you when to stop.

    What will your diet look like when you start your cycle? I have had mixed results with a similar cycle and I probably will never use winni again due to joint issues and I found it harder than hell to gain any good mass while on it. Are you planning on using winni to cut or just to keep your mass while on a calorie deficit?

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