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Thread: Bench Press Help!

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    Default Bench Press Help!

    Hi ladies!

    I have a friend of mine who is competing in her second powerlifting comp in march. Her squats and deads are very impressive but her bench is lacking badly.

    She is training with the Sheiko method but its not doing anything for her Benching numbers. Any tips or hints are appreciated.
    Please bare in mind that she works with trainers every workout, so simple things like form and grip are generally good.

    Thank you !

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    id do the russian program of 5x5s to 5x2s. or she can train like a man. pyramid up to max and back down. i usually suggest 10-12 sets in doing this. these both get my bench up so why wouldn't it for the ladies?

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    A 5x5 program, 5/3/1, or pyramiding should work well to help increase strength.

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    a good method is to superset on the bench... so you do a set of 15 lbs. at about 60% of your body fat... rest 30 seconds and with the same weight, drop the set number to 10 but do all ten with an eccentric contraction (negatives )

    Do 4 sets like this...

    Then, go to the dumbbells and get up to 80-85% of your max with set of 10 at a total of 4 sets with 90 second rest periods... you are building muscular endurance as well as strength which helps generate max output

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    train hard is my best advice.

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    Doing negatives gets you real strong. You just have to train hard. we all have weak spots and you just need to be consistant

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    volume volume volume bro. That's my opinion. Like dylan said, supersets are good and really quite simply its just lifting that bar as many times as you can. Time under stress is always the main factor not only in hypertrophy training but sometimes in max increase as well. High reps and high number of sets a good idea. Hell, tell her to start doing some bench every single day. Her body will have no choice but to adapt to the stress if she's eating right.

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